Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We've been growing Johua's hair for a while now.
It was the perfect surfer hair
But it was time for a change.  And Halloween was a perfect excuse.
Josie also wanted to be a rock star.

Adam will be sweating all day in his favorite frog costume.

And Isaac . . . an entomologist.  (Notice the bug catcher Sonya?).   He caught a gecko in the morning just for the occasion

And Jared and Anna and Jacob.  They quickly stripped off these costumes because they are sweating in them.  Halloween is sure different over here!
Now I'm off to buy a ton of candy . . . . and prepare for a crazy night.  I guess it is normal to have 1000 trick or treaters on neighboring streets.  Oh What FUN!


John Philip Jenkins said...

Happy Halloween!

Grateful Grandma Patsy Jean said...

Michelle thank you for posting these Halloween pictures of the children. My goodness Joshua still has curling hair & Joshua's hair is so much lighter now that he is in the Hawaiian sun. The children all look adorable. Haven't seen you all since the first week in July & Anna looks like she's grow a lot in three months and look at her chubby cheeks. We love you and miss you all, Mom & Grateful Grandma Patsy

Darleen Simonsen said...

Looks like a fun night! Christine was the only one that dressed up over here...I miss the good ol' days!