Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hawaii So Far

We are here and we are home!  MOVING to Hawaii is totally NOT fun . . . . (the time change, the climate change, our stuff getting stolen and completey damaged during the move--and times that by NINE because we all were going through it).  But LIVING in Hawaii is the best.  Here is just a taste of what the last several weeks have been like for us:

We catch a lot of lizards and toads (So Isaac is in heaven!)

 We jumped off the rock at Wiamea
 Josh was the only one who showed NO fear and did it 20 times that night.
 Handsome Jacob turned 3
 Eric had his first day of work at BYU-H
 Anna is getting bigger and more beautiful every day.
Josh looks like a native.
We swam with turtles at Lani Beach.
And we swim everyday at Hukilau
We miss all our friends and family very much and look forward to seeing you all when you come visit!


John Jenkins said...

That is one Massive toad

The Rackleys said...

John, since when did you get a new blog!? . . . . and why haven't you posted anything yet?

Nan Mastie said...

Thank you!!!! I love seeing you all. I miss you, your hugs, and your smile.

The Lloyds said...

It is so fun to see all your smiling faces! All your children look like natives! Sorry the move was so awful! Your pictures make it all look like paradise!

Lisa said...

You definitely look like you are where you belong! We do miss you guys though.

Jill said...

So fun! I'm sad we just missed you! But now that the move is behind you. . . Hawaii looks fantastic!!

Susan said...

I hope the worst is behind you. You know you are living everyone's dream. It is so fun to see your pictures, Josie and Josh and all your children are growing and are so beautiful. Just remember, no snow!!!!