Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunrise with the Happies

The jet lag we've experienced these past several weeks has completely exhausted us.  Eric and I still find ourselves waking up at 3am.  Adam and Isaac wake up really early too, which leaves us plenty of time to walk to the beach before school.

Last Saturday the kids loved watching the launching of the Josepa
at Hukilau

It was pretty cool.

If you ever want to visit, July is a pretty great month (if you can stand the heat and humidity).  During the whole month they celebrate Laie Days.  And as one local stated, "It is where we all celebrate living on this beautiful land and that the gospel is here."  Quite literally it is a party almost every day.  Really.  Parades, carnivals, four hour talent shows at the PCC, ward camps that last a whole week on the beach.  I've never seen anything like it.  We participated in a Hukilau at Hukilau beach a few weeks ago.  It was quite anti-climatic because only 4 fish and 2 crabs were caught. 

Josie, Josh, Adam and Isaac started school back in July . . . YES JULY!  They got a whole one month of Summer vacation.  I love that they can walk to school.  We love their teachers.  Adam actually goes to school happy!  Which is a miracle in itself.  And this school is HUGE.  680 students in an area the same size of Dicken.  I'll post pictures of that first day soon.

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Brooke said...

I'm so glad you shared this blog post on facebook! So fun to see how your family has grown up since I last saw them! I am so happy to see you guys happy. I have thought of you often since we left Ann Arbor. Enjoy Hawaii!